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About Cangzhou

A cultural city with ancient history and splendid civilization. First set up in 517 during the 2nd year of the rein of Xiping in Beiwei Dynasty, Cangzhou has a history of over 1,490 years. Cangzhou is located in the southeast of Hebei Province. It faces the Bohai Sea in the east, abuts against Beijing and Tianjin in the north, and adjoins Shandong Province in the south. Cangzhou Iron Lion, which was cast in 953 during the 3rd year of the rein of Guangshun in Houzhou Dynasty, testifies the excellent casting technology of Cangzhou people. The world-famous Cangzhou martial arts and acrobatics have been the gems of traditional Chinese culture. The Book of Songs, the most ancient poem collection in China, was just spread from Cangzhou to all over the world. Thanks to the abundant natural resources and rich cultural heritage, Cangzhou enjoys the fame of “five hometowns and one pearl”, as Hometown of Martial Arts, Hometown of Acrobatics, Hometown of Casting, Hometown of Golden-Thread Dates, Hometown of Ya Pear, and Baiyangdian Lake has been praised as Pearl of North China. At present, there are 6 intangible cultural heritages of Cangzhou being protected by the State.

A new open coastal city. At present, Cangzhou administers 16 counties (county-level cities and districts), Cangzhou Bohai New Area and Cangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. With a total population of 6.9 million, Cangzhou covers an area of 14,000 square kilometers. There are 5 main railways (such as Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Kowloon, and Shuozhou-Huanghua Railways), and 12 national and provincial highways, which make Cangzhou the area with the most developed land transportation in North China. The establishment and operation of Huanghua Port, one of the key state trans-century projects, helps Cangzhou enter into the new era of Stepping from Grand Canal to Bohai Bay. Cangzhou has abundant natural resources. There are Dagang Oilfield and North China Oilfield within its territory. It is one of the four largest production bases of crude salt in China. Cangzhou has developed a complete industrial system with petrochemical, equipment manufacturing, hardware machinery and electrical appliance, textile and garments, and food processing as its key industries. Cangzhou’s regional characteristic industries have been well developed. Cangzhou is the largest PVC production base in Asia, the largest TDI production base in China, and one of the three largest casting production bases in China. There are some counties and cities famous at home and abroad, for example, Suning County known as Fur Capital in China, Hejian City as Hometown of Wire and Cable, Botou City as Hometown of Automobile Moulds, Xianxian County as Hometown of Fasteners, Mengcun County as Capital of Elbows and Pipe Fittings in China, Yanshan County as Production Base of Pipe and Accessories, Huanghua City as Hometown of Winter Dates in China, etc. In 2006, we achieved 3 breakthroughs in the major economic index, the economic aggregate over 100 billion RMB yuan, the total fiscal revenue over 10 billion RMB yuan, and the individual fiscal revenue of all the 18 counties (cities and districts) over 100 million RMB yuan. Cangzhou’s economy has been on a new stage of development.

Cangzhou Bohai New Area. It takes the lead in Cangzhou’s economic development, and large-scale exploitation and construction has been carried out. Covering an area of 830 square kilometers and 130 kilometres of coastline, Bohai New Area enjoys many unique advantages for development. I. Geographical Advantage. It is located in the central part of the Around Bohai Sea Economic Rim. It only takes 1 hour to Tianjin and 2 hours to Beijing by car. II. Transportation Advantage. The area has a transportation network composed of port, railway, expressway, port highway, national and provincial highways, etc. All these have constituted three-dimensional communications network of Bohai New Area. Moreover, the preparatory construction of Handan-Huanghua Railway, Baoding-Huanghua Railway and Tianjin-Cangzhou Coastal Expressway, which will be all connected with the port, will make Cangzhou New Area a transportation hub for Mid-South Hebei Province and even wider areas. III. Hinterland Advantage. Huanghua Port enjoys vast and in-depth hinterland, and the lowest transportation cost in comparison with other ports in this region. The direct economic hinterland covers and extends to Central-South Hebei, Central-South Shanxi, North Shandong, North Henan, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia. It covers an area of 800,000 square kilometers, and has a total population of 140 million and economic aggregate of 2 trillion RMB yuan, which account for 7.45%,10.6%,10.23% of the whole nation. The economic aggregate of six cities in Mid-south Hebei (such as Shijiazhuang, Baoding and Handan etc.), which can be boosted by Huanghua port, has accounted for 65 percent of the total of Hebei Province. IV. Advantages of Land Resource & Environmental Capacity. There are more than 1,700 square kilometers of non-agricultural land, 307 square kilometers of beaches, and 1,051 square kilometers of shallow offshore waters in coastal region of Cangzhou. This is the sole virgin land for industry construction with the largest area and relatively less population among the eastern coastal cities in China. V. Industrial Advantage. Cangzhou Bohai New Area has a solid chemical industry development basis. The chemical industrial park is the only specialized one to the north of Yangtze River, developing into a state-level demonstration zone of cyclic economy. A group of important industry supporting projects have been planned or started. The equipment manufacturing industry has a production capacity of 5 million tons of pipe steels. With the settling of a group of famous fabrication enterprises, the equipment manufacturing industry is becoming the second pillar industry with tremendous growth potential. Power energy projects that have been completed and under construction will make Bohai New Area have a 1000-kilowatt power generating capacity by the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan, and it will become an important power production base in North China. With the expansion the shipment scale of coal, chemical industry, equipment manufacturing products and bulk cargo, port logistics industry will become a new industry with great growth potential. VI. Advantage of Management and Policies. Cangzhou Bohai New Area adopts the policy of unified planning, layout, management and distribution of resources, and scientific management pattern. Moreover, CPC Hebei Provincial Committee and Hebei Provincial People’s Government have given policy support in the fields of industrial development, infrastructure construction, etc. Thus, it enjoys obvious advantage in management and policy.

In order to bring into full play the unique development advantage of Bohai New Area and promote the better and faster development of Cangzhou’s economy, we spare no efforts to speed up the step of the exploitation and construction of Bohai New Area, and endeavor to construct large port, develop big traffic, foster big industry and establish big projects. Through 5 to 10 years of joint efforts, we will build Bohai New Area into the convenient sea gates for mid-west inland area, the R & D transforming base of petrochemical and equipment manufacturing industries, regional shipping center on the basis of port logistics and urban distribution logistics, the economic growth-pole and uplift belt of Hebei Province, Around Bohai Sea and Around Beijing & Tianjin Area, and the new ecotypic city with prosperous economy, harmonious society and hospitable environment. Looking forward to the future, we believe that Cangzhou Bohai New Area will become adazzling pearl around Bohai Sea.

Great potential for development and bright prospect for cooperation with outside world. At present, we have established steady and long-term economic cooperation and trade relationship with more than 120 countries in the world. There are many businessmen from 42 countries who have invested here. Many of the World Top 500 companies, such as Japan's Marubeni Corp., Mitsui & Co., Ltd, Mitsubishi Corporation, Yazaki, Samsung of South Korea and French Airliquide, have set up joint ventures in Cangzhou. In 2006, Cangzhou city had realized the total import and export trade volume of 1.063 billion US dollars. Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and many other developed countries, have the advanced technology in the fields of chemical industry, car, shipbuilding, electronic information, bio-pharmaceutical, and food processing, etc. They are complementary with the industries in Cangzhou. We have wide cooperation potentials with other counties in the world in such four aspects as the construction of infrastructure facilities, major industrial projects, and the property right and financing. First, the projects of important infrastructure facilities refer to the construction projects of port, railways, and water, heat and power supply. Second, the major industrial projects mainly involve industry projects as petrochemical and pipeline engineering, agricultural projects as the deep-processing of cotton, Chinese dates, pears and vegetables, port logistics projects as the storage, shipment and distribution of chemicals and equipment manufacturing products. Third, financing projects mainly involve the property right transfer of the main companies and financing through being listed. We have chosen 36 cooperation projects for your reference whose total investment will amount to 3.16 billion US dollars. These can become the key projects to cooperate with companies in your countries in the near future.

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